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The University of Georgia is proud to serve as an academic home to the Russian Flagship program. The Russian Flagship is a federally-sponsored initiative that provides opportunities for undergraduate students of any major to reach a professional level of competence in Russian by graduation, experience study abroad and professional internships, and earn prestigious Flagship certification. The program provides extensive state-of-the-art domestic and international programming and career advisement opportunities. Secure your spot in our Fall 2024 cohort by enrolling in RUSS 1011. Applicants with prior experience in Russian may reach out for placement testing.

Interested in a global career that requires proficiency in Russian?
We have excellent news!

The program offers considerable resources and innovative instruction to students interested in professions that may include a significant international component, global travel and communications, and intercultural awareness, particularly pertaining to Russian-speaking countries. Students interested in becoming global professionals can pursue their selected majors while enjoying carefully planned intensive programming domestically and overseas in the Russian language. The program welcomes applications from undergraduates of all majors and at any level of prior experience in Russian.


The Russian Flagship Program is a collaborative initiative between the Department of Language and Literacy Education and the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies, funded by The Language Flagship, a public/private partnership sponsored by the National Security Education Program (NSEP).

Advocacy Statement: Our team views Russian invasion of Ukraine as a direct violation of international law and grieves for the victims of the ongoing violence and brutal destruction of the country. We stand with all those in Ukraine, Russia, and beyond who oppose this war.

The content of this website does not necessarily reflect the position of policy of the U.S. government. No official government endorsement should be inferred.


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Explore our past events:

Summer 2024

Stop by the UGA Russian Flagship Program table at the Tate Student Center during your Orientation Resource Fair, part of New Student Orientation, to learn more about our program.

Undergraduate Research

In Spring 2023, UGA Russian Flagship Program students participated in a special all-Russian section of UGA's CURO Symposium and in The Language Flagship's annual Hackathon. They also celebrated Maslenitsa and Nauryz, cooked traditional Slavic dishes, played chess and BINGO in Russian, explored Russian superstitions, connected with Flagship alumni, learned about youth culture in Kazakhstan and various aspects of Kyrgyz language and culture, enjoyed a performance by Atlanta-based Ukrainian musicians, participated in career-building events and a weekend excursion to Washington, D.C., and gave presentations and recited poetry in Russian.

The Russian Flagship Program

mailing address:


315 Aderhold Hall

110 Carlton St.

Department of Language & Literacy Education

University of Georgia

Athens, GA 30602

Tel: 706-542-4505


UGA Russian Flagship Program students participate in exclusive domestic and overseas intensive language programs, honing their Russian proficiency through tutoring, and enjoying jobs and internships utilizing their language, cross-cultural, and professional skills. We offer a domestic summer immersion program, an Immersion in the Russian Language, Culture, and Communities in the Baltics (IRLCCB) Program, and as well as a Project Global Officer (GO) program in Latvia designed for future military officers.

The Russian Flagship program is accepting applications for the Russian Overseas Flagship Capstone 2024-2025 in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


Summer 2024

Our summer study abroad programs are accepting applications: 

Immersion in the Russian Language, Culture, and Communities in the Baltics Program and our Project Global Officer Program.

Domestic Immersion Site

The University of Georgia Russian Flagship program established a domestic Russian immersion site  Honolulu, Hawaii. The Honolulu location remains an alternative site for summer immersion in case of unprecedented circumstances that preclude international travel.

Summer 2023

The University of Georgia launches its Project Global Officer program in Riga, Latvia.

Summer 2023

The University of Georgia Immersion in the Russian Language, Culture, and Communities in the Baltics Program returns to Riga, Latvia.

Fall 2023

The UGA Russian Flagship Program Living-Learning Community moves to Rutherford Hall, merging with UGA's oldest living-learning community - Franklin Residential College.

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