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Russian Flagship at UGA 

The University of Georgia Russian Flagship program is open to UGA students in any major who are interesting in becoming global professionals with high-level language proficiency, advanced intercultural skills, and the advantage of "Flagship certification" which is highly regarded by employers seeking talented candidates with such skills. It is one of only six Russian language programs that are funded by The Language Flagship, a federal initiative designed to enable students to develop professional-level competence (ACTFL-3 Superior) in nationally strategic languages.


The UGA Russian Flagship program coursework is offered at UGA and overseas and combines well with any UGA major. The coursework includes:


  • Russian language coursework at UGA, enhanced by personalized tutoring and intensive language course options;

  • Overseas summer study: 8-week program, specialized for Flagship students;

  • Overseas “capstone” year: specialized Flagship courses, direct enrollment courses, career-oriented internship;

  • A career-oriented internship during the capstone year.

The Flagship program enhances students’ competitiveness for a wide range of scholarships, career opportunities, and graduate school admissions. Students receive individualized advising and become part of a community of highly motivated peers, with opportunities to participate in high quality social and professional development events.


The Flagship program is open both to students who begin their study of Russian at UGA and to students who enroll at an intermediate or advanced level, including students who grew up speaking Russian at home. You must be a UGA undergraduate to participate in the UGA Russian Flagship program and receive Flagship scholarships for study abroad.​​


The UGA Russian Flagship Center is funded by the National Security Education Program, as part of The Language Flagship.

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