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The Russian Flagship Program's curriculum provides a  rigorous yet flexible curriculum designed to enable them to meet the requirements of their major field of study and, at the same time, to achieve a professional level of proficiency in Russian by graduation.


Students admitted to the Russian Flagship Program work with an advisor on an individualized study plan for meeting these requirements. All Russian Flagship students are required to enroll in a minimum of one Russian course each semester (3-5 contact hours per week) in addition to individual and/or small group tutoring throughout their course of study at the University of Georgia. The Russian Flagship coursework includes a domestic intensive summer program after the freshman year, an overseas summer study abroad program in a Russian-speaking country after the second or third year, and an overseas Capstone Year Abroad. The entire program can be completed in four to five years, depending on students' major requirements and proficiency progress in Russian. Students who studied Russian before coming to UGA or spoke Russian at home may enjoy an expedited Flagship curriculum.

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