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Pre-Capstone Study Abroad Requirement

Russian Flagship students are required to complete a minimum of 6 weeks of participation in an intensive overseas Russian-language program at the secondary level or above prior to admission to the Russian Overseas Flagship (ROF) capstone program. Russian Flagship students can apply for support to participate in summer Russian language program in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The programs, offered by American Councils for International Education in partnership with the University of Georgia, are designed to maximize linguistic and cultural immersion in Russian society, with an emphasis on the development of practical speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

For details on application deadlines, eligibility requirements, etc. please visit the program links listed above. In addition, the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and Eastern European Languages (AATSEEL) maintains a listing of intensive Russian programs. The University of Georgia offers a qualifying study abroad program in Riga, Latvia.



Russian Overseas Flagship (ROF) Capstone Program

The Russian Overseas Flagship (ROF) capstone program, located in Almaty, Kazakhstan and administered by American Councils for International Education, is an academic year program that provides undergraduate students the opportunity for intensive, professional language training and development. The program offers Russian Flagship students access to courses and academic resources at well-respected centers and universities for the study of Russian language and culture.   


Students on the Russian Overseas Flagship capstone program have the opportunity to direct enroll in courses on an audit or for-credit basis. Students who choose to take a direct-enroll course for credit should fill out the syllabus form created by International Academic Programs to have their coursework evaluated for the University of Georgia course equivalency. Applications to the Russian Overseas Flagship capstone program are usually due in mid-January for the following academic year. Students must plan far in advance to apply for the program and to meet proficiency and study abroad eligibility requirements. Participation in an intensive Russian-language study abroad program at the secondary level or beyond for a minimum of 6 weeks is required for students to be eligible to apply for the academic year Russian Overseas Flagship capstone program.


Students must apply to participate in the ROF capstone program through the University of Georgia Office of Global Engagement.

Language Flagship scholarships for study abroad may be available for outstanding Russian Flagship students who are making satisfactory progress in the program. Students who wish to be considered for Language Flagship scholarships are strongly encouraged to apply for other scholarships, grants, and sources of financial aid as well.

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